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Sao Paulo – Santa Efigênia

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Sao Paulo’s electronic district, Santa Efigênia consists of a couple of blocks worth of galleries, mostly long hallways with a number of different stores in them. Beyond the shops that sell the standard electronic equipment and computer hardware, I find a number of workshops deeper in the buildings. Here the carcasses of  phones and game consoles are brought back to life, possibly with their security bypassed for ease of use.

I'm pretty sure he's advertising a cell phone shop.

The remote control shop seems to be a standard feature at every electronics market I visit.

This was the only locally produced product I found at the market. Made for the retro gamer they are often just build around the circuitry of a standard controller.

This guy was working on the old analogue phones. There might have been many more of these places at some point but now its mainly high tech around here.

The owner of this repair shop explained some of the tricks used to replace surface mounted chips with simple tools.

Written by dkousemaker

March 8, 2010 at 1:37 am

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