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Hong Kong Taxis

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If you think about it, a large part of a taxi drivers’ income depends on information. Where are the potential customers? Where is the address they want to be dropped off at? What is the best route to drive there? Where are the traffic jams and how to avoid them? Nowhere else have I seen cabbies embrace technology to access this information as enthusiastically as in Hong Kong.


Written by dkousemaker

December 10, 2012 at 4:36 pm

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  1. This is a nice picturewithin a cab… :), as I am myself driving a cab in the NLs, I would like to list my sources;

    My Tom-Tom for Traffic Info and Route Information
    My mobile Google search for streets not yet applied by Tom-Tom
    My mobile speed camera app, for avoiding unnecessary losses.
    A taxi meter to calculate the price
    An GSM powered information display which enables me to see my start and stops of contract routes or customers pushed by my operators, including an upload with all payment information and payment options like credit card and bank-passes
    A GSM powered GPS locator, so my operator can see where I am, and send the help troops when needed
    A mobile short range communication device, with open direct contact with my operators, very handy for sharing traffic surges, police checkpoints and other obstacles. Of course this gives also opportunities for communicating chances. For example, more cabs to the Central Station please, due to traffic interdiction’s on the railway system more people want transporting, then you just give a shout.

    Hereby I hope you see more cabbies use technology to keep informed ;).

    Jasper van Weerd

    December 20, 2012 at 8:27 pm

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